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AddAWins | Cacheman | CD-Quick Cache | CD_ROMGod |
CtMouse | CPUbooster | EditBINI | FindMTU |
FreeMem | HyperTerminalPE | IE4 PowerToy | ListQFE |
MemMax | MSDun12 | MTUSpeed | MyCPU | PowerToys |
Rain | RegClean | RegCleaner | RegMon | RegSeeker | StartEd |
Startup Cop | SwapMonitor | TJPing | Tweak UI | VBRun |
Win98 VxDs | Win98SE VxDs | WinMe VxDs | Win9xNTVer |
Wintune | Winsock2 | WMAlign | X-Setup


    Wintune 98    1,719KB    Benchmark utility


    TweakBIOS     134KB     Tweak RAM settings


    CD-Quick Cache     link here     KB     Optimize the CD

    CD_ROMGod     cdgod55.exe     491KB     Boot disk - many CD-ROMs

    (no title)     12KB     Larger CD-ROM caches


    CPUbooster     Software boost, older CPUs.  Tests showed no change!!!

    CpuIdle     223KB     CPU cooling software

    MyCPU     48KB     Identify your CPU for sure

    Rain     121KB     CPU cooling software

    WaterFall     117KB     CPU cooling software

Hard Disk

    SwapMonitor     SwapMonitor     1,457KB     Monitor the Swap File (VM)     44KB     SwapMon without VB 5


    Cacheman     136KB     VCache manager

    FreeMem     156KB     Release some usable RAM

    MemMax     476KB     Release RAM & Tune Vcache

    StartEd     171KB     Edit Startup - Win 95

    Startup Cop     529KB     Edit Startup - 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP

Modem & Net

    FindMTU     168KB     Find the ISP's MTU or IPMTU

    HyperTerminalPE     htpe3.exe     504KB     Private Edition is better

    MSDun12b     msdun12.exe     1,424KB     DUN update for Win 95

    MTUSpeed     mtuspeed308.exe     152KB     Reg Fix - home modems

    TJPing     tjping.exe     269KB     Ping under Windows

    Winsock2     ws2setup.exe     964KB     Updated Winsock - Win 95


    CtMouse     37KB     Small (7KB) Mouse driver


    RegClean 4.1a     regclean.exe     782KB     Registry cleanup (partial). Not for WinMe or XP if MS Office components are installed.

    RegCleaner     regcleaner.exe     528KB     Registry cleanup (partial)

    RegMon     regmon     110KB     Monitor Registry changes when installing programs

    RegSeeker     351KB     Manual Registry cleanup (it's good)


    IE4 PowerToy     ie4power.exe     235KB     IE 4.x add-ons

    PowerToys     pwrtoy95.exe     222KB     Window 95 add-ons

    Tweak UI 1.33     tweakui.exe     111KB     Control Panel update   Windows 95/98/98SE/Me

    WMAlign     wmalign     3KB     Load large programs much faster   - needs MS Office installed

    X-Setup 6.0           3.7MB     Has hundreds of tweaks


    EditBINI     75KB     Edit Boot.ini on NTFS partition

    ListQFE     27KB     Lists Windows' updates

    VBRun 1     155KB

    VBRun 2     202KB

    VBRun 3     vbrun301.exe     242KB

    VBRun 4 16-bit     461KB

    VBRun 4 32-bit     565KB

    VBRun 5     1,271KB

    VBRun 6     vbrun60.exe     1,031KB

    (no title)     1KB     Server Role fix for Win95/95a

    VxDs Win98 CD     234KB    7 VxDs for Win98 only   (configmg, ntkern, vcomm,   vdd,vdmad, vflatd, vmouse)

    VxDs WinMe CD         236KB       7 VxDs for WinMe only (configmg, ntkern, vcomm, vdd,vdmad, vflatd, vmouse)

    VxDs Win98SE CD     284KB     The VxDs for Win98SE only

    [ ntkern.vxd ]     ntkern.vxd     191KB     one VxD for Win98SE only

    Win9xNTVer     36KB     Shows version of Windows

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! Always record settings before changing them.
! Always backup a file before you edit it.
! Always have a recent, pristine, backup of the Registry.
! Always have a working boot disk that gives access to your CD-ROM drive.
! Always make only one tweak at a time.

Should you be unsure of your ability to correctly, and safely, implement any alteration,
then you SHOULD NOT make that change. Get the assistance of a user who is both
experienced and competent. Please remember that you alone are responsible for
the consequences of any changes you make to your computer hardware or software.

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Please remember that you alone are responsible for the consequences of any changes you make to your computer hardware or software.

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