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AddAWins ver 4.4 Usage & Download 

Last reviewed: May 2005

Window 9x/Me users can download the freeware utility AddAWins 4.4 (freeware, 219KB) to dual-boot or multi-boot 2 to 6 different versions, or installations, of Windows 9x/Me. AddAWins can be used with any combination of Windows 95, 98, 98SE, Me, 98Lite.

This page describes the usage of AddAWins. Please read Dual-Boot Win9x + Win9x for details on dual-booting Windows 9x/Me with another Windows 9x/Me (essential reading for many users).

To use AddAWins:

  1. Double-click addawins44.exe (the file you download),
    or download the Zip version,, and extract to C:.
  2. Let AddAwins install on C: (and read the Readme file).
  3. Run Setup (it makes no changes to your PC)
    and create the essential Approved Boot Disk (1 floppy).
  4. Start installing a new Window 9x/Me immediately when prompted at the end of Setup,
    or run Start > AddAWins > AddStep1 to install another Windows 9x/Me when you're ready.

get it here Download addawins44.exe ver 4.4 here
        (freeware, 219KB self-extracting file).
get it here Download ver 4.4 here
        (freeware, 176KB Zip file, Use WinZip to extract to C:).
    or just
get it here Download
        (11KB, readme.txt file for AddAWins44).


Install Addawins44.exe contains AddAWins version 4.4

Addawins44.exe is a self-extracting file, and runs from Windows Explorer.

Double-click addawins44.exe to install AddAWins to C:\Addawin

You MUST allow it to install on C:.
If the install does not produce
then you should remove it, and run addawins44.exe again
(that situation is highly unlikely to occur).

Installation and Setup make no changes to the user's system.
The Uninstall option will remove ALL files installed by AddAWins
(AddAWins is a totally stand-alone utility).

Setup can be run from the Installation routine or later, but Setup must be run at some stage after AddAWins installation.

Readme.txt is recommended reading for all users.

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Setup Setup is run from the Install or from Windows Explorer. It initializes AddAWins.

Setup makes no changes to the user's system.

You need a new formatted floppy to create an 'Approved' boot disk during Setup.

Setup also places a few shortcuts on this boot disk.

AddAWins shortcuts will also be placed in Start, and a shortcut placed on the Desktop.

Addstep1 will be used when preparing for the installation of a new Windows 9x.

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ADDSTEP1 - Adding a new Windows 9x

AddStep1Use the AddStep1 link in Start > AddAWins. The 'Approved' 9x boot disk will be required. No other boot disk will be accepted.

This will run AddStep1 from true MS-DOS and prepare your computer for installation of a new Win9x/Me.

Then you install a new Windows 9x on its own logical partition.
Use Z:\WinYY\setup /is where Z is CD drive, and WinYY is CD's Windows folder.

An OEM CD will be OK.

If a new Windows 9x is not installed after running Addstep1, then you must run
A:\Rescue W1
or reboot with the Approved boot disk installed
(to restore the removed boot files and undo the OEM CD fix).

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ADDSTEP2 - recording the new Windows

When the new Windows 9x is installed, open its Windows Explorer to the C: drive.


AddStep2 Double-click addstep2.bat

This will
: save the new boot files,
: undo the OED CD fix,
: enable the dual-boot.

AddAWins shortcuts will be placed in Start and on Desktop of the Windows.

The 'Approved' Boot Disk is then required for a final reboot.

User can now dual-boot.


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Dual-Boot AddAWins allocates a label to each Windows 9x installed:
W1 is used for the original Windows.
W2 is used for the second Windows.
W3 is used for the third Windows.
And so on . . .

User can dictate the manner of the reboot for each Windows by using the FastBoot option available in Options.

Everything in AddAWins requires user confirmation except the dual-boot.

Dual-Boot from Windows:
Click the Wx_Win?? icon (in Boot_To) to dual-boot to that Windows 9x.
If Me is current Windows, you'll be asked to insert the 'Approved' Boot Disk (the Boot Menu Disk will also work for dual-booting and is faster).
W1_Win?? will reboot the PC to the first Windows, W2_Win?? to the second.

Dual-Boot from cold boot or reboot:
The Approved Boot Disk can be used. However, it does contain CD drivers.
The Boot Menu Disk does not contain any CD drivers. Otherwise it has all the other functions of the Approved disk. This makes it ideal for cold booting or for when the Approved disk is required. It has two main characteristics:
1. Presents a Boot Menu on cold boot or on reboot (if not requested to reboot by AddAWins)
2. Does not present a Boot Menu if AddAWins has requested a disk (like when booting out of WinMe).
The Boot Menu Disk is created from the BootMenu icon in Options.

Readme has full explanations of all options.

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Remove: Read below.

Rescue: Read below (very important).

Uninstall: Read below.

_Backup: Backup all AddAWins files to the D: drive.

_Restore: Restore AddAWins from D: to C:.

Format_C: How to Format C: and still retain your dual-boot.

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Remove Remov_w? removes AddAWins dual-booting for the selected Windows.

Click the appropriate Remov_w? icon (confirmation is required).

The files and folders for the selected Windows ARE NOT deleted and can be deleted by the user.

The current Windows CAN NOT be deleted. Boot to another Windows first.

A removed Windows can be replaced with another.


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Rescue Rescu_w? is the user's protection against unusual events such as power failure, failed Windows installation, corrupt boot files, other adverse situations.

Rescu_W? restores all latest files for the selected Windows.

Rescu_W? then automatically restores the original IO.SYS & for that Wins.

Restoring original MSDOS.SYS, and Autoexec.bat & Config.sys, is optional. Originals of System.ini,, Win.ini, and Vmm32.vxd can also be restored individually.

Use Rescue only if
  (1) a new Windows install is aborted, or
  (2) corruption of boot files is suspected.
Click the appropriate Rescu_W? icon (confirmation is required),
or run A:\Rescue W? from the 'Approved' boot disk.

The current Windows CAN be selected.
The current boot files ARE NOT saved in case there is a problem in that area.

Rescue also presents some advanced-only options that are not related to AddAWins (restore Registry, fix Master Boot Record, rewrite the Win9x Boot Sector).

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Uninstall WILL NOT delete ANY Windows files or directories. This is left to the user's own discretion.

Click the Uninstal icon (confirmation is required).

When Uninstall has been run, the ONLY Windows that will boot is the CURRENT Windows.

Uninstall MUST be run from the Windows YOU WISH TO KEEP. This will usually be the original Windows, and usually installed on the C: drive (but it does not have to be).

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Options Boot Disk: Create the Approved AddAWins Boot Disk with generic CD driver.

BootMenu: Create boot disk with dual-boot Menu without CD drivers.

DiskFree: Show current free hard disk space.

Fix_Icons: Refresh AddAWins icons in Start & on Desktop.

FastBoot: Select dual-boot reboot option for current Windows.

HDClean: Cleanup of the drive containing the current Windows (uses true DOS).

History: History of Windows installations, Rescue, Remove, Backup.

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The Wx part of Show indicates that the Windows labelled Wx is currently running.

Clicking Show shows details of all Windows installed using AddAWins.

Press [Y] key to view a history of AddAWins use of Setup, Windows Installations, Rescue, Remove, Backup.

User can also access History in Options.

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ShutDown AddAWins also places a ShutDown folder in Start.
This contains three shortcuts that perform Shut Down operations faster than the Windows default.

Reboot: Single-click full reboot.

Restart: Single-click Windows restart.

ShutDown: Single-click Shut Down.

Write back is performed first.

Some Win95 users will find that the reboot produces a warning or error. This is harmless and can be ignored. Just press the spacebar to let it continue.

Use Fix_Icons in Options if Windows ever 'looses' any AddAWins shortcuts.

All users are cautioned not to make any changes to AddAWins.

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Download AddAWins version 4.4 (freeware)

The download file contains all the information given on this page.

Read the Readme.txt file enclosed in the AddAWins download or in (11KB).

Please also read Dual-Boot Win9x + Win9x for dual-boot details (essential).

get it here Download addawins44.exe ver 4.4 here
        (freeware, 219KB self-extracting file).
get it here Download ver 4.4 here
        (freeware, 176KB Zip file, Use WinZip to extract to C:).
    or just
get it here Download
        (11KB, readme.txt file for AddAWins44).

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