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Next Install Windows 7 in this Windows Vista Dual-Boot

Last reviewed: July 2011

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Now Install Windows 7 and Dual-Boot with the installed Windows

Installing a newer version of Windows automatically creates a dual-boot with the older installed version.

  • Bootup from the Windows 7 installation DVD.
    • Select your Language, and Time..., and click Install now.
    • In Which type of installation do you want? select Custom (Advanced).
    • In Where do you want to install Windows? select the Win7 partition prepared earlier.
      - check both the size and the label.
      Optionally, click Drive options (advanced) and click Format and then OK.
    • Restart your computer when installation is complete. Select Windows 7.
      Label the Windows 7 drive to Wn_7.

    Windows 7 has been automatically added to the boot menu. Nice!

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