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View the Startup Boot Menu in Win Me, 98SE, 98, 95

What is the Windows 9x Startup Menu

This startup boot menu, the 'Startup Menu', allows the user to select from a number of boot options that are useful for troubleshooting, running a previous version of MS-DOS, and a variety of others.

A Windows 9x Boot Menu may looks like this:

  Microsoft Windows 9x Startup Menu

     1. Normal
     2. Logger (/BOOTLOG.TXT)
     3. Safe mode
     4. Step-by-step confirmation
     5. Command prompt only
     6. Safe mode command prompt only
     7. Previous version of MS-DOS

The option to boot to a Previous version of MS-DOS will be present only if MS-DOS was installed before installation of Windows 9x. This is not supported by Windows Me.

Only options 1 - 4 are available with Windows Me.

Show the Startup Boot Menu in Windows 98, 98SE, Me

Restart Windows.

As your computer starts up, press and hold down the Ctrl key until the Microsoft Windows 9x Startup Menu appears. On some computer systems, the Ctrl key must not be held down until after the POST is finished (until hardware identification is completed).

Also, you can usually use the F8 key as below, but the timing can be difficult with fast computers, and the Starting Windows 9x message will not appear. Novices may need to try repeatedly until they get the timing correct.

Show the Startup Boot Menu in Windows 95

Restart Windows.

When you see the message Starting Windows 95, press and hold down the F8 key until the Microsoft Windows 95 Startup Menu appears.

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