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It seem that just about everyone produces Modem & Internet utilities

Catchup, CacheSentry, CuteFTP, FindMTU, ICQ, GetRight, Go!Zilla, ModemUP, MTU-Speed, NetSonic, NetMedic, Oil Change, PPPBoost, Site Snagger, TJPing, TweakDUN, Download Manager, WebTurbo, WS_FTP

Nearly all of these modem / Net utilities are of practical use, are of moderate size, and are FREE.


Internet & Modem

  • Catchup 786KB
           Like Oil Change it protect against broken downloads
  • CacheSentry Free 93KB
           Fixes browser cache bug in IE4.x, IE5, Win98
  • CuteFTP Free 825KB
           Free Download or Upload using FTP protocol
  • FindMTU Free 168KB
           Little utility to find the MTU used at a location
  • HyperTerminal PE Free 504KB
           Private Edition is superior to MS's own HyperTerminal
  • ICQ Free
           Chat, swap files, multimedia player
  • GetRight Free 921KB
           Easily resume disconnected downloads; others
  • Go!Zilla Free
           Automatically reconnect to complete a download
           and optionally disconnect when complete.
  • ModemUP 1.36MB
           Resets your modem to a higher setting making your 28.8
           or 33.6 modem as fast as 56k - but does it realy work?
  • MTU-Speed Free
           Corrects modem MTU connection settings
  • NetSonic
           Stores frequently visited Web pages, or prefetches more
  • NetMedic 1MB
           Find and fix Net bottlenecks
  • Oil Change
           Like Catchup it protects against broken downloads
  • OnlineMeter Free
           Log your online time
           No home should be without this!
  • PPPBoost Free 104KB
           Correct modem connection settings. Like MTUSpeed
  • Site Snagger Free
           Download all, or part, of a Web site for off-line reading
  • TJPing Free
           Ping, IP lookup/traceroute without having to use DOS
  • TweakDUN Share
           Corrects modem MTU settings. Like MTUSpeed
  • Download Manager 1MB
           Resume a broken connection and continue downloading
  • WebTurbo Free
           Text preview of a Site's page. IE & Navigator
  • WS_FTP Free 670KB
           Use FTP to download or upload

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