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Security continues to be a problem

Most of the Internet Explorer updates and bug-fixes relate to security matters
      . . . and are worth getting!


Get it MKBUFF (IE4.x version is 280KB)
          Version specific. Security fix for the MX Overrun problem
Get it IE4.x Encryption Patch (286KB)
          128 bit security patch for IE4.x and Outlook98
Get it IE 4.x security patches
          A number of security patches are available

Service Release1
     SR1 for IE4.01 is available as a stand-alone update.
     Year 2000 fixes
     Changes requested by intranet and Internet users
     Fixes for the top issues reported to the product support team
     Security fixes previously released as patches

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The newest version, IE5 (17MB) was released in March 1999. It includes the updates , bug-fixes, and security enhancements for IE 4.x. You can install IE5 over IE4.x.
IE 5 is definitely faster and has enhancements such as the ability to save Pages (including the graphics). However some users have reported problems on their systems, so caution is advised for the moment.
Should you wish, you can install IE 5 'beside' IE 4.x on the same operating system - use Custom Installation, and Advanced.

Get it,302,0-0427-1-007,00.html
          IE 5 security update
Get it,302,0-0427-1-008,00.html
          more IE 5 security updates,302,0-0427-1-009,00.html
          read about the current IE 5 security updates

IE5.5 is the latest version. It contains some bug fixes and enhancements.

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=New= Microsoft Download Wizard
Automatic online scanning of your hard disk to identify updateable Microsoft files, and (optional) downloading and installation of updates suitable for your system. It is hoped the establishment of this free online service will be the death-knell of this Updates Page!

Get it REGCLEAN.EXE (782 KB, 03/18/98)
RegClean 4.1a build 7364.1
RegClean analyses Windows Registry keys that are stored in a common location in the Windows Registry. It finds keys that contain erroneous values, and after recording those entries in an UNDO.REG file, it removes them from the Windows Registry.

Get it QFECHKUP.EXE (96408 bytes, 10/20/97)
Update Information Tool (Qfecheck.exe) for Windows 95
The Update Information Tool can be used to verify which Service Pack components have been added, and that the versions installed match the versions listed in the registry.
It is installed with IE4.01, and by recent updates installation

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Hyper-Terminal Private Edition
Improved free update to the one that shipped with Window 95

DirectX 6.1
Updated versions of Microsoft's graphics, audio, and video engine. A gamers must

Media Player (4081 KB)
Plays lots of multimedia formats - WAV, AU, Quicktime, AVI, RealAudio, NetShow, others

Real Player
With Real Player you can listen to live music and radio broadcasts on the Internet.

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