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Upgrading IE also upgrades much of Win98

Windows 98 is faster, but slower if you use its extra functions
The SP1 is available but is not necessary if you use IE4.1 SP1


What is Windows 98?

It is very true that "Windows 98 is what Windows 95 should have been in the first place".

Windows 98 is basically Windows 95 with many bugs fixed, plus some useful utilities (and a few additions that are not likely to enthral most home users in the near future, if ever). It is NOT a new operating system.

It is a little more stable than Windows 95.

Windows 98 is a little faster than Windows 95 when used in like manner. If, however, you wish to use some of the newer additions, then it is slower than Windows 95 and a system upgrade may necessary to maintain the same operational speed.

It is now felt that Windows 98 systems using Internet Explorer 5.x require 64MB RAM for optimal performance. 32MB RAM would apply to Windows 95 using IE 4.x (and possibly IE 5.x)

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Windows 98 was publicly released on 25th June 1998

98+   Windows 98 SP1   98+

The SP1 has been released (July 1999). Its main aim is to eliminate a litany of annoying glitches embedded in the operating system of Windows 98 and IE 4.x, plus the Year 2000 updates and security patches.

The component parts are available on Microsoft's Web site at PCWorld. It does not include any of the new features of Windows 98 SE.

Download any component that says Windows 98 Service Pack 1 in the description (only those that you need)


98+   Applies only to Windows 98   98+

The Windows 98 SP1 components available are:

• Windows 98 System Update
• Windows 98 Year 2000 Update
• Windows 98 Year 2000 Update 2
• Outlook Express Year 2000 Update
• Internet Explorer 4.01 with Service Pack 2

Get it for Windows 98 SP1


98+   Other Windows 98 Updates   98+

Get it  DUN14-98.EXE [506 KB]
        New Dial Up Networking For Windows 98 & 98SE ONLY

•  Registration Wizard Update
        Prevents MS server looking in Hard Disk (there is no uninstall)

•  Windows Update Site
        Microsoft's official Windows 98 Update Site
        The first updates and bug-fixes are now available.

•  Windows 98 Download: Windows Update page
        Microsoft has made some updates available for immediate download
        instead of having to go through the Microsoft Windows Update site.

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98+   These are the older 98 Updates   98+

The following updates should not now be necessary if you use the SP1 for Windows 98

Win98Y2K Fixes some minor year 2000 issues

Get it scr31.exe Security. Internet Explorer external JScript update

Get it 3214.exe Security. Internet Explorer Frame Spoof fix

Get it oepatsp1.exe Security. Outlook Express file attachment update

Get it ie4dia.exe Security. Dotless IP Address update

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