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Some top class software and utilities are completely free

• Microsoft's download sites

• Free Software download sites

• Newsgroups



Windows 95/98 updates are available at Microsoft, or it's software library FTP Sites

Microsoft Download Wizard
This wizard checks your computer for existing Microsoft software files and make suggestions for file updates that may be appropriate for your computer's configuration. This is a "Premium Support" page and so it is only available if you register (free) for that extra service. Microsoft's new site for Windows 2000

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It is likely you will find a wanted item of software at one of these Sites - a huge selections of freeware and shareware (perhaps some demos and commercial)



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Free EMAIL Services

Having you own seperate, permanent, and free email address is now considered essential for the Home user. You can change Internet Service Provider while retaining the same mail address.

Services such as Yahoo Mail and HotMail are well known.
These are several less known free email services:






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Need information? Got a problem? Just inquisitive?
Very often the only answer is to visit a Newsgroup dealing with specific matters. They cover an huge variety of topics, varying from very simple to highly technical. Unfortunately you won't be able to sign on to all groups.

To see what is available via IE 4 just type in ? newsgroups into the Address Bar. You will get a list of possible sites.

One of the following should cover your needs:

General User Groups:

• • search for groups
• • Net news
• • virus and anti-virus software information
• • Dell users Q & A
•  alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000 • Gateway Q & A
• • bugs
• • Windows 95
•* • hardware • 8 groups

Modem User Groups:

•  comp.dcom.modems.cable

•  comp.dcom.xdsl

•  comp.dcom.modems

•  fr.reseaux.telecoms.adsl

•  gtenet.adsl

•  gtenet.cablemodem

•  sdnet.cablemodems

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Loads of FREEware

32 bit many free, large site

CompletelyFree free completely!

Daily Web lots of new freeware

Dan'sWorld lots of freeware, news, tips lots are free, huge site (Part of CNET Site)

File Pile lots of freeware

Free 95 great Windows 98/95 free [German site]

free Biez free

Freebyte free

Free Hound free

Freesite free plus info + links, including Windows 98/95 software

Freeware32 free
Freeware free strictly Windows 98/95 (32-bit)

Freeware Connection free

Freeware Home free

FreeWareFiles free for Windows 9x/3.xx/NT

Geosites free DOS only

Geocities free (mostly). Huge selection

HotFiles Exclusives free
Lockergnome free Windows 9x/3.xx/NT weekly e-mail newsletter

MDN some freeware

Nonags free only Windows 32-bit Software Sites

PC Magazine free Windows 9x/NT/3.1x + DOS Utilities

PC World many free

ShellExtensionCity mostly free Windows 9x/3.xx/NTx + DOS Tools

SimtelNet many free

SoftCent many free

SoftSEA some free

Softseek many free

SoftwareShak some free

TopSoft many free

Totally Free free + links

Tucows many free. Internet, HTML + Web creation Tools

TuDogs free large respository

WinCentral some free. News, tips & software for Win9x & NT

WiNDeX many free (now some free. 32-bit Software, Tips + BUG Fixes

Windows Magazine free Windows 95 OSR2 Upgrades + Fixes (a must for Windows 95 retail and OSR1 users)

Windows Magazine free lists the100 best freeware

ZDnet HotFiles many free

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Your Own Contribution

You can forward useful information or links for entry on this page.

Please include utility details such as the URL, description, cost, size.

Please use the E-Mail link at bottom of this page.

Thank you.

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Please remember that you alone are responsible for the consequences of any changes you make to your computer hardware or software.

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