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You already have plenty of useful utilities

• Windows 98, and 95, has plenty of useful utilities of its own.

Some utilities may be still on the installation disk.

• The software listed is mostly free, and widely used.


Utilities in Windows 95

Win 95 These are installed by the default Windows 95 installation, OR are on its CD-ROM

        Unlike Clipboard, you can Save copied items
        Find on Windows 95 CD-ROM [ in Other • Clipbook ]
Disk Defragmenter
        Defragments the Hand Disk
        Default installation to Accessories
        Enhanced Printer Troubleshooter
        On Windows 95 CD-ROM [ in Other • Misc • Epts • epts.exe]
        Creates Emergency Recovery floppy disk
        On Windows 95 CD-ROM [in Other • Misc folder]
        Make old progs compatible with Windows
        Default installation to _:\windows\system
        Converts Windows 3.1 program groups
        Default installation to _:\windows (read Tips.txt [in _:\windows)]
        Shows information on memory, DLLs, hardware
        Default installation to _:\program files\common files\ .....
        Measure the response time from a server
        Default installation to _:\windows
        Update information
        Installs with a MS Windows update. Find in_:\windows
        View Word documents without Word / |Office installed
        On CD-ROM in \Other\Wordview
        Scans the Hard Disk for errors. Fixes some.
        Default installation to Accessories
        System Policy Editor. View or Edit system files
        Default installation to _:\Windows\System
        System Monitor vets Dial Up Adapter, File System, Kernel, Memory Manager
        Find in Accessories\Tools
Telephony tool
        Troubleshooting TAPI, TCP/IP or DUN problems/bugs. Control Panel applet.
        You need to rename Telephon.cp$ to Telephon.cp1 in C:\Windows\System
        Trace a download route
        Default installation to _:\windows
        Shows IP configuration
        Default installation to _:\windows

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98+ In _\Windows folder

ASD.EXE Automatic Skip Driver
CLEANMGR.EXE Disk Space Cleanup Manager
CVT1.EXE FAT32 Drive Converter tool
DEFRAG.EXE Disk Defragmenter (includes application optimizer)
DRWATSON.EXE Dr. Watson Diagnostic tool - log and diagnose errors
HWINFO.EXE hardware diagnostics utility
REGEDIT.EXE Registry Editor
RSRCMTR.EXE Resource Meter
SCANREGW.EXE Registry Checker - performs daily automatic vital backups of the Registry and the System files (SYSTEM.INI and WIN.INI)
SIGVERIF.EXE Signature Verification tool
SMTIDY.EXE Tidy Start Menu tool (cleanup Start Menu)
SYSMON.EXE System Monitor
TASKMAN.EXE Task Manager
TUNEUP.EXE Maintenance Wizard
VCMUI.EXE Version Conflict Manager
WINIPCFG.EXE TCP/IP Configuration tool
WINOUP.EXE WinPopup network messaging tool
WINREP.EXE Problem Report tool (if you contact Microsoft support)
WINVER.EXE Windows Version
WSCRIPT.EXE Windows Scripting Host
WUPDMGR.EXE Update Manager (Internet connection required)

98+ In _\Windows\System subfolder

IESHWIZ.EXE Customize Folder tool
INTERNAT.EXE Keyboard Language Indicator Applet
MKCOMPAT.EXE Make Compatible App tool
MSCONFIG.EXE System Configuration tool - Allows the tweaking of most
        important bootup/start/shut-down settings
        You can enable/disable each separate line/section in:
        Config.sys, Autoexec.bat, System.ini, Win.ini, Msdos.sys.
        For more tweaks click the Advanced button
MSTASK.EXE Task Scheduler
SFC.EXE System File Checker
SYSEDIT.EXE System Editor tool (edit: Autoexec.bat, Config.sys, System.ini, Win.ini)
WALIGN.EXE WinAlign tool - Benefits low RAM systems - only noticed when using very large executables

98+ In _\Program Files folder

MSBACKUP.EXE Backup tool in \Program Files\Accessories\Backup

MSINFO32.EXE System Information in \Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Msinfo

98+ On the Windows 98+ CD-ROM

Install the Windows98 Resource Kit from the CD in the \Tools\ResKit directory.
BATCH.EXE Batch Setup utility that creates files for automated installation of Windows 98 and components
CHDOSCP.EXE Code Page Changer. Changes the Code Page used for MS-DOS-based programs to match Windows 98 Regional Settings
CHKLNKS.EXE Links Check Wizard in \Tools\Reskit\Desktop
CLIPTRAY.EXE Clipboard Tray (add to Clipboard) in \Tools\Reskit\Desktop
FAT32EBD.EXE FAT32 Emergency Boot Disk in \Tools\Msutil\Fat32ebd
FAT32WIN.EXE FAT32 Conversion Information in \Tools\Reskit\Config
INFINST.EXE Windows 98 Inf installer Utility
LFNBK.EXE Long File Names Backup tool in \Tools\Reskit\File\Lfnback
MINITEL.TTF Files. Minitel font emulation files for HyperTerminal
NETMON Network Monitor. Remote monitoring of network performance on Windows 98 client machines
PMTSHOOT.EXE Power Management Trouble Shooter in \Tools\Msutil\Pmtshoot
POLEDIT.EXE Policy Editor in \Tools\Reskit\Netadmin\Poledit
PWLEDIT.EXE Windows 98 Password List Editor
QUIKTRAY.EXE Quick Tray (add progs to Tray) in \Tools\Reskit\Desktop
REMOTREG Remote viewing & editing the Registry on Win98 client machines
RK98BOOK.CHM Resource Kit & utilities in \Tools\Reskit\
Install the Windows98 Resource Kit from the CD in the \Tools\ResKit directory.
TEXTVIEW.EXE Text file Viewer in \Tools\Reskit\File
TIMETHIS.EXE Scripting tool that times how long it takes for the system to execute a given command
TZEDIT.EXE Time Zone Editor in \Tools\Reskit\Config
USBVIEW.EXE USB Viewer. USB Device information and troubleshooting tool
WAITFOR.EXE Scripting tool that causes the computer to wait for a signal sent over the network
WHERE.EXE Command-line tool that reports the location of a specified file on the hard disk
WINDIFF.EXE File Comparison tool in \Tools\Reskit\File
WINSET.EXE Command-line/scripting tool that sets global environment variables for Win98
WSHADMIN.HLP Windows Scripting Host Administrator's guide. Guide to running scripts and designing applications for Windows Scripting Host
TWEAKUI.INF TweakUI Power Toy in \Tools\Reskit\Powertoy
Right-click on tweakui.inf and select Install. Then find it Control Panel
This version may be buggy. You can download an earlier/safer, version [100 KB, free]: TweakUI98. Use it only with Windows 98, or with OSR2 AND IE 4/5

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ActiveMovie Player
Adobe Acrobat Reader Free
        Reading certain files such as .pdf; accurate printing
CDROM extras Free
        MS Windows 95 extras
DirectX Free
        Microsoft's. A MUST for all Gamers
Media Player
McAfee Viruscan for Windows 95
        Anti-viral program for Windows
        Available on most cover CDs
Paint Show Pro Share
        View, edit, create many image forms
        Available on most cover CDs
PFE Free
        Programmer's File Editor; better replacement for Notepad
        Viewer supporting 20-plus graphics formats
QuickTime Player Free 476KB (installer)
        Multimedia player; small and streamlined
        Full download is 4 - 8MB (available on many cover CDs)
RealPlayer - Free
        RealAudio and Real Video plug-in
        Essential for serious browsing
        Multimedia Plug-in. 32-bit
        Available on most cover CDs
here: Win9xNTVer Free 36KB
        Little utility which details of your Windows version
Windrenalin Demo 459KB
        Optimizer and Diagnostic
Winzip Share
        Create / Extract Zip files
WinZip Seft Extractor Share
        Automates extraction of Zip files
        Available on most cover CDs

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