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Download links to excellent free utilities

Part 2 (here) covers utilities E to Z
Part 1 (back) covers General and A to D



(HTML creation)

ColorHexer Free
       A visual utility for Web page authors to derive hex values
       for background, text, and links

ImageSize Free 14KB
       Explorer add-on gives an extra page in Properties for
       graphic files - image size, colors, and compression ratio

Reptile Free 1.3MB v4.0
       Create you own Web Page backgrounds.

SmartDraw Free 1.8MB v.4.0
       Create all sorts of drawings or images
       Version 4.0 is currently available FREE.

Hard Disk

Cacheman Free 136KB
       VCache manager for improved performance

SwapMon Free 1.4MB
       Swapfile and VCache manager; excellent

Internet & Modem

Catchup 786KB
       Like Oil Change it protect against broken downloads

CacheSentry Free 93KB
       Fixes browser cache bug in IE4.x, IE5, Win98

CuteFTP Free 825KB
       Free Download or Upload using FTP protocol

FindMTU Free 168KB
       Little utility to find the MTU used at a location

Hyperterminal PE Free 504KB
       Private Edition is superior to MS's own Hyperterminal

ICQ Free
       Chat, swap files, multimedia player

GetRight Free 921KB
       Easily resume disconnected downloads; others

Go!Zilla Free
       Automatically reconnect to complete a download
       and optionally disconnect when complete.

ModemUP 1.36MB
       Resets your modem to a higher setting making your 28.8
       or 33.6 modem as fast as 56k - but does it realy work?

MTU-Speed Free 152KB
       Corrects modem MTU connection settings

NetLightening Share 1.8MB
       Like MTUSpeed. Plus download 'enhancer'

NetMedic 1MB
       Find and fix Net bottlenecks

Oil Change
       Like Catchup it protects against broken downloads

OnlineMeter Free
       Log your online time
       No home should be without this!

PPPBoost Free 104KB
       Correct modem connection settings. Like MTUSpeed

Site Snagger Free
       Download all, or part, of a Web site for off-line reading

TJPing Free 269KB
       Ping, IP lookup/traceroute without having to use DOS

TweakDUN Share
       Corrects modem MTU settings. Like MTUSpeed

Download Manager 1MB
       Resume a broken connection and continue downloading

WebTurbo Free
       Text preview of a Site's page. IE & Navigator
WS_FTP Free 670KB
       Use FTP to download or upload


See I for Internet & Modem above.


Cacheman Free 136KB
       VCache manager for improved performance

FreeMemTool Free 156KB
       Free up extra usable memory. Diagnostic and optimiser

       Tweak memory settings for extra speed


CuteMouse Free 135KB
       Small (under 7KB) mouse drivers that support standard
       Microsoft, Mouse Systems, Logitech MouseMan and
       PS/2 protocols.


RegSeeker free, 351 KB
       Searches Windows' Registry for unused entries.

EasyCleaner Free, 1.27MB
       Searches Windows' Registry for unused entries.

RegClean Free, 782KB
       Microsoft. Clean up the Registry (partially). Not for Win Me or XP.

RegMaid, Free, 256 KB
       Microsoft, Cleans stray OLE entries out of the Registry

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